Ep.15 – The Employment Cycle

Join David D'Arcangelo on a journey through the employment cycle.

This insightful episode unveils a comprehensive path to prosperity for both individuals with disabilities and employers seeking inclusivity.

The cycle begins with the crucial step of mentoring, providing exposure to diverse occupations and industries.

Explore the valuable bridge between mentorship and formalized experience through internships, offering profound insights for both potential employees and employers.

The discussion extends to the interviewing process, emphasizing inclusivity and transparency regarding essential job functions. Aspiring for employment is the ultimate goal, leading to the discussion of how individuals with disabilities and employees can be upwardly mobile within an organization.

The cycle concludes with the significance of promotions and the cyclical nature of mentoring the next generation.

Tune in to uncover a holistic approach to employment that values talent and abilities for a more inclusive workforce.

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