Ep.13 – The Value of Internships in the Disability Employment Process

Join David D'Arcangelo in an inspiring episode featuring guest Owen Devlin. Explore the transformative power of internships, especially for individuals with disabilities.

Owen shares his journey from internships at BNN Boston Neighborhood Network to the Mass Commission for the Blind, highlighting the valuable skills and experiences gained.

Discover the importance of networking, practical hands-on experience, and the path to securing a fulfilling career. Get ready to be motivated and informed on how internships can pave the way for success.

Owen Devlin is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism

at Suffolk University in Boston. Owen first developed an

interest in journalism during high school. He would come

home each day, and watch the evening local news

broadcasts. He not only enjoyed watching, but also

analyzing every aspect of the newscast including watching

reporters in the field, anchors present the news, and other

journalists working behind the scenes in the newsroom.

Owen has a deep passion for writing and interviewing, and

has incorporated these aspects of the news-gathering

process into many projects he has completed for his



Owen was diagnosed with legal blindness at a young age.

He has retinopathy of prematurity, as well as a condition

called nystagmus. Nystagmus causes involuntary eye

movement. Owen has learned to adapt to his

surroundings, and embrace his challenges because he

feels they shape who he is as a person. He believes

everyone has a unique story, and will strive to ensure that

people have the opportunity to make their voices heard

through his work as a TV reporter.

Outside of the classroom, Owen enjoys attending

concerts, spending time with family and friends, and being

by the water in the summertime.

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