Ep.12 – Disability Employment Outcomes

Join David D'Arcangelo and Ali Ingersoll on a riveting episode where they share personal stories and discuss the keys to disability employment success.

Ali, a C6 quadriplegic, breaks barriers and offers valuable insights into navigating the challenges of employment, particularly in the corporate world.

Discover the importance of technological accessibility, overcoming rejection, and fostering a culture of inclusivity. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and practical advice on the journey to disability employment success.

Ali Ingersoll is a corporate DEI disability strategy consultant, Ms. Wheelchair America 2023, keynote public speaker, writer, and financial assets trader.

Ali’s professional passion lies in coaching organizations on how to strategically create and implement disability inclusive policies and practices within organizations from C-suite leaders to employee resource groups. She accomplishes this through teaching how to minimize bias, increase advocacy, accountability, access, and inclusion internally.

Ali started her healthcare advocacy career after being repeatedly denied medically necessary equipment by insurance companies over the last 13 years since becoming a C6 quadriplegic and full-time wheelchair user after a shallow water diving accident.  She focuses much of her advocacy work on health equity through helping people with significant disabilities get the proper approvals for the medically necessary equipment they need to not only survive in life, but to thrive in order to achieve a higher quality of life.

Disability Inclusion in our society is a priority Ali focuses on improving every day.  Ali has a firm philosophy of paying it forward by giving back to the community when she is not working through collaborating with stakeholders in the government, the non-profit world, and partnering with organizations to create amore inclusive society and disability employment environment.

She believes it’s important to band together as one in order to affect the greatest change on the national stage and in local communities.

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