Ep.11 – Let’s Career Up with Steve Yanovsky

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Steve Yanovsky is a Founding Member of the Boston Career Institute where  he serve as the Director of Education and a clinical educator. His  medical credentials include: Registered Nurse (MS FNP Pending)  Registered Radiologic Technologist Hospital Sterile Processing  Technologist Certified as CRCST, CER, CIS, CHL paramedic EMTP Inventor / Engineer with Multiple Patents Invented the Key Scanning and  Copying Machine now in every store. Veteran Served in the US Army as an infantryman, combat medic, medical  imaging specialist and rapid deployment hospitals. Immigrant. born in the USSR / Russia today Worked as first responder / paramedic, trained first responders in  rescue techniques with the jaws of life and high angle rescue Managed  hospital departments of radiology, laboratory medicine and sterile  processing. Trained hospital personnel in subjects ranging from math,  computers, communications and a wide range of clinical disciplines.


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