Dudcast #20 – Name It The Homeys!

Name It The Homeys!  Retirement works well for Ron Cox, the former Executive Director of Malden Access Television/Urban Media Arts as he basks in the glory of MATV/UMA victory of winning the Hometown Media Award!  

0:00    Open
0:58    Outstanding Media Center
3:33    About this video
5:05    Annual Meeting
10:18  Hometown Video Festival
13:03  Buddy Guy's Legends
15:08  Winners Announcements
19:12  UMAverse
25:47  Name it The Homeys!
29:35  Malden High School Hall of Fame
32:29  Ron's Retirement Roast
38:43  Get involved
40:09  Thank you Ron!
40:42  Close

YouTube: https://youtu.be/GDw1oYZttDw

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