Dudcast #17 – Stop Killing Black People!

Stop Killing Black People! A discussion about the George Floyd murder & Derek Chauvin trial followed by the Daunte Wright murder & the arrest of Kimberly Potter.  

Open (0:00

George Floyd/Derek Chauvin trial (1:27

Juror #52 Brandon Mitchell (6:00

9mins & 29secs (13:29

Pressure on neck (16:05

In custody (19:15

The Verdict (28:58

About to expire (36:33

Failed MATV shows (40:35

Daunte Wright/Kimberly Potter (45:27

Freaked out (53:00

Potter needs to go to jail (55:37

Potter knows Glock from Taser (1:00:13

Miranda Rights (1:05:35

Standard protocol (1:09:40

Close (1:14:38)

YouTube: https://youtu.be/6mc8kcaLF2w

#BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #StopKillingBlackPeople #GeorgeFloyd #Murder

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