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    A podcast that will inform about disability employment issues. It is directed at both people with disabilities and people interested with providing opportunities for people with disabilities.

    Legally blind from a young age, David D’Arcangelo, is a passionate leader and advocate for people with disabilities and underserved populations. He has built successful and meaningful careers in both the public and private sectors.

    David is your Disability Policy Expert.


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  • Paul Ponders

    A wide assortment of pondering thoughts that will make us ponder, wonder, and look at various topics of discussion that are part of our lives everyday of the week.

    We are all about TIME (Things I Must Experience) our incredible journey between the womb and the tomb! Please re-read this last statement and ponder it for a moment.

    What do you experience in life? You live it, you breathe it, you smell it, you taste it, you hear it & you feel it!

    Are you a Human Being or are you a Human Doing?
    Enjoy & Ponder!


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Save As: Ability

Hosted ByDavid D'Arcangelo

Paul Ponders

Hosted ByPaul Solano

The Career Guru

Hosted BySteve Yanovsky

Beyond The Rim!

Hosted ByNester Dudley