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A podcast that will inform about disability employment issues. It is directed at both people with disabilities and people interested with providing opportunities for people with disabilities.

Legally blind from a young age, David D’Arcangelo, is a passionate leader and advocate for people with disabilities and underserved populations. He has built successful and meaningful careers in both the public and private sectors.

David is your Disability Policy Expert.


Hosted ByDavid D'Arcangelo

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Ep.5 – Self-Identification & Self-Disclosure of Disability

Join David D'Arcangelo as he delves into the nuances of self-identification...

Ep.4 – The Path to Prosperity is Paved by Perseverance

Join David D'Arcangelo in this inspiring episode as he delves into...

Ep.3 – How to Employ & be Employed

David D'Arcangelo and guest Neil Romano discuss disability employment, explore the...

Ep.2 – We are all in Various States of Ability

Dave D'Arcangelo continues the discussion about discrimination faced by people with...

Ep.0 – Series Tease

Information regarding disability employment issues. David D'Arcangelo is a disability policy...